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Nutrition and Lifestyle Management workshop


Why certification is so important? The GSB Master Personal Trainer Certification Program was developed to educate you in making safe and effective exercise program for clients. In this world of competition, GSB Certification will separate you from others at the same level.



1. How to Get Great Muscle Mass Gain without Steroids, by using only Right Supplements/Dosage with intake Timings, Right Nutrition Utility of Micro and Macro Nutrition
2.How to Drop Love Handles Fast?
3.How to Get 6 Packs Abs?
4.How to get Rid of PCOD( Polycystic Ovarian Disease), Correct Hormonal Disorder/imbalance for them.
5.How to Increase Sexual Power(Testosterone) Naturally and Increase Muscle Gain Despite post 50 Year of Ageing ?
6.Why We Should Drop Lactose during Cutting Cycle?
7.Vegetarian BodyBuilding and Muscle Gain How?
8. Why We Should Take CLA, Beta Alanine,BCAA, Protein Powder, Creatine, L-Cartinine, Arginine, Calcium, and no of other Supplement? How Does it Work in Human Body?
9. What is Difference Among Weight loss or Fat Loss? How?
10. Why We should Use Whey Proteins Isolate or Concentrated or Hydrolyzed or Casein? How to choose it?
11. How Much Protein for Normal Verse Athelete Indian and Why?
12.Why we Should Eat Chicken/Eggs for Fat Loss and How?
13. Why to Drop Carbohydrates During Cutting Workout? How Does it Work?
14.How Much Water intake Pre, During and Post Workout?
15. How Much Caffein We CanTake for Fat Loss?
16.How to read nutrition labelling and Design your own Right Nutrition Plan.
17.Body Fat Assesment on Skinfold Caliper Method.
18.Steriod precursors
19.How to Choose Right Supplements Range for desired Results. Only Protein will not help you to get Desired Results.
20. How to Minimize side Effects of Medicines by having the Right Nutrition.
21. How to Fix up Diabetic, Blood Pressure and Cancer and other Special Population People by having Right Nutrition.
22.What is Processed Food and Effect on Human Body? Example Multigrain Bread from Market Verses Homemade Multigrain Roti
23.GMO Foods and Effect on Human Body.
24.what is Super Food and Why?


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