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Why exactly is sports nutrition so important? With this course you’ll understand how nutrition influences performance and how it can be changed from a burden for your clients to a tool that brings surprising results for them.

What You’ll Learn from This Course

This course is a specially designed course to help Qualified Fitness Professionals to obtain the knowledge required for prescribing diet plans for athletes, people who are struggling with weight issues and other lifestyle disorders.

We start the course discussing Digestive System, it’s roles and importance. Macronutrients, the fuel sources we use during exercise, and an overview of recommendations. We will get to the base of Vitamins and Minerals. We will look at the Fluid and Electrolyte Balanceand the recommended requirement pre, during, and, post-exercise. You will learn the truth about Sports Supplements. We will cover several Special Diets. We will analyze dietary strategies for Weight Management.Types of Eating Disordersand their consequences.

Topics Covered

  • GI Tract and how it functions and enzyme control in digestion
  • Macro and micro nutrients and their necessity in human body
  • Role of carbohydrates in sports performance and debunking myths related to carbohydrates
  • Role of fats in sports performance
  • Role of protein in sports performance
  • Role of vitamins and minerals in sports performance
  • Water and electrolyte in sports performance
  • Types of diets
  • Diet for PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, Arthritis and other lifestyle diseases
  • Diet for weight management and lean gaining
  • RDA’s and Calories Calculation
  • Special Population
  • Myths related to Diet will be debunked
  • Supplements

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  1. Very Informative


    The course contents are top notch and provide great knowledge about the nutrition. You will get to know a lot about all the foods and their importance in our daily lives

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