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1.Role of age before anabolic steroids consumption?
2. Can people with high LDL consume anabolic steroids?
3.how anabolic steroids effects genetics?
4. Part of DNA in bodybuilding
5. Can obese people consume Anabolic Steroids?
6.what is the vo2 max and vo2 reserve?
7.can sedentary people consume steroids?
8.cigrette smoking and anabolic steroids
9.can anabolic steroids worsen diabetic condition?
10.which people are at higher risk or lower risk before consuming anabolic steroids?
11.safety and precaution while consuming anabolic steroids
12.Father and mother genetics roles towards anabolic steroids practice?
13.which blood test required before, during, and after anabolic steroids?
14. Role of nutrition and supplements with anabolic steroids.

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