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Group Exercise Trainer is a unique Fitness product and it is also called by the name of GX Trainer into Fitness Industry. For becoming a successful GX Trainer an individual must have to study the below-mentioned Bullets points along with the need to understand excellent choreography, Music beats for right program designing of his/her classes. Group Exercise Trainer must be creative enough for maintaining the quality of classes. he/she has to take care of each and every individual who so ever is attending their classes. He has to take care of special Population people who so ever is coming to their classes example Arthritis, Diabetic, Hypertension, any Orthopaedic (Knee, ankle, lower back) injury to any member.

The number of regular absent members decide and determine the quality of any GX trainer Class. If members are not coming for your program/ Classes, it means an individual has to raise the game by implementation on his feedback given by his/her GX Manager.

What You’ll Learn from This Course

We start the course discussing Human Anatomy and Exercise Physiology. The content will focus on how to motivate your client to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We will look at how to demonstrate excellent Communication and Teaching Techniques to develop a durable client-trainer relationship. You will learn how to design an effective and safe Exercise Program meeting the special needs of the client. We will cover common musculoskeletal Injuries. We will analyze the requirements of Special Population. At the end, you will be an expert to perform professionally within the legal boundaries.

Topics Covered

    1. Group Exercise Trainer-Role and Scope of Practice
    2. Group Exercise Trainer-Core Knowledge
    3. Choreography, Music beats Understanding
    4. Human Anatomy
    5. Cardiovascular System
    6. Nervous System
    7. Endocrine System
    8. Muscular System
    9. Skeletal System
    10. Respiratory System
    11. Movements and Joints
    12. Components of Fitness
    13. Nutrition
    14. Safe and Effective Exercise

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