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This workshop is designed to study and practice nutrition and diet with regard to improve individuals health and it also provides guidelines to prevent and overcome certain lifestyle diseases which are on peak now a day’s such as Obesity, Diabetes, PCOD, Arthritis, Thyroid, Hypertension and along with that you will also get to know about Normal RDA and Supplements trending in fitness industry.

After attending this workshop you will be able to know the basic application of diet and nutrition management for healthy people and those who are suffering from lifestyle diseases.

It’s time to debunk many myths regarding Diet and supplements.

What You’ll Learn from This Workshop

    • Introduction to Nutrition
    • Micronutrients and RDA’s.
    • Water and Fluid Replacement Guidelines.
    • How to Prevent Lifestyle diseases with diet (Thyroid, PCOD, Obesity)
    • Estimated calories Requirement by activity level.
    • Weight management.
    • Debunking all Nutritional Myths.
    • Macronutrients and RDA’s.
    • Supplements to alkalize your body.
    • How to make a nutrition plan?
    • Weight Management.
    • Types of eating disorders.
    • Nutritional supplements.
    • What is creatine?
    • What is Beta Alanine?
    • What is Glutamine?

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    This course will provide u very basic knowledge, totally designe for beginners, if u are intermediate or advanced or having little knowledge of nutrition ,then this course is not for u…….

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